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Softlaser zur Tinnitus-Behandlung zu Hause

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...Etwa 11 Mio. deutsche haben ständig einen Pfeifton oder Rauschen im Ohr, auch Tinnitus genannt. Mit einem neuen Gerät können sich die Patienten jetzt ganz bequem selbst zu Hause behandeln. Sie tragen dann einen sogenannten Softlaser im
Ohr. Wir haben eine Frau getroffen, die das Gerät getestet hat
und nun fast beschwerdefrei ist...

RTL, Sendung "Punkt 12"

Low Level Laser Therapy: Painless Non-Surgical Treatment


...Even cases of long standing Tinnitus can be treated effectively with Low Level Laser Therapy. Clinical studies show that with laser therapy more than 26% of the patients report no more tinnitus, an additional 36% report a greater than 50% reduction in their Tinnitus and an additional 19% report some reduction up to 50% in their Tinnitus...

Advanced Energy Medicine

Tinnitus Self-help


EarNoiseEliminator is described as a revolutionary medical soft laser device developed in Switzerland, conceived so that treatment can be carried out at home (without technical knowledge)...
EarNoiseEliminator is one of the first devices designed to present permanent relief of symptoms. It uses soft laser technology to recreate the natural photosynthesis occurring in nature and is completely safe and painless...

ENT News, Pinpoint Scotland

Tinnitus: Laser treatment, no technical knowledge necessary

With this Swiss Soft Laser technology a solution was found for treating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and similar inner ear disorders, such as partial deafness due to tinnitus, ear pressure, morbus Ménière (dizzi-ness), acute hearing loss and hearing distortion...

ENT News, Pinpoint Scotland
Tinnitus Hilfe bei Hörsturz oder Ohrenpfeifen
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